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Global Tool 英会話レッスンの比較・ランキングについて

About Global Tool, english language school at Ebisu and Daikanyama Tokyo Japan

Global ToolGlobal Tool is an English school created by A la Francaise in 2014.

A la Francaise is a French school founded in 2005 specialized in teaching effective communication to Japanese speakers. After working in several language institutes in the Tokyo area, the director realized that student’s expectations were often far away from the quality of the lessons they were receiving. So that is why he decided to create an effective method, and create a school in which the student’s expectations will find and proper and satisfying answer.

Thanks to an effective oral method and trained teachers with a strong Japanese speaking ability the school soon encountered a strong satisfaction amongst the students.

Global Tool 英会話 creation was initially driven by the students who wanted to learn English the same effective way they were learning French with us. In order to answer to this demand, we decided to create Global Tool, an English school that benefits of all the strengths and experience of A La Francaise.

It is through the intensive training of our English teachers, our unique atmosphere and our experience that we want to prove that learning English can be achieved through speaking and having fun. Learning with teachers who care about the quality of their lessons and are very qualified makes an important difference when it comes to effectively learning a language.

Come and try a free trial lesson with us and you will be able to see this difference by yourself!

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