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Hello! My name is Summer. I grew up in Tokyo until about 7 years old, and then moved back and forth between Tokyo and Colorado every year, switching between using Japanese and English in school until I was 11.
From then on, I lived in Boulder, Colorado until I graduated from University there in the spring of 2012.
After finishing University, I was able to take time to travel around different countries, which was my passion at the time – as well as exploring traditional foods in all the places I visited. Leaving Boulder, I began my travels in Bulgaria, where I became an English teacher.
After finishing the course, I came back to Japan for half a year. I then went back to Europe and traveled around working on various volunteer projects, and then moved to Ghana for a teaching project for six months at the beginning of 2014.
In August, I moved back to Tokyo to begin working again as an English teacher. I’m very excited to start working with students again. Growing up speaking both Japanese and English has helped me to understand the challenges a Japanese person may experience when learning the English language. I hope to be able to help students overcome these challenges and become confident in speaking English.

Besides traveling, I have many hobbies and interests. The main is, trying foods of different cultures and learning how to prepare these foods. In all of the different places I visited, I tasted new flavors and asked local people to teach me how to prepare these dishes. I love baking, cooking, (and mainly eating) and can’t wait to take full advantage of the delicious seasonal ingredients of Japan. Other interests I have include Japanese music – specifically koto, and tea ceremony. I also love spending time in nature and camping too!


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